Temporary Fencing Hire Sydney

When Might You Need to Hire Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is a good item to have for a range of purposes, typically for those who own businesses in the construction industry and for those that host events (either in a regular or one-off capacity). As fencing can cater to a range of needs, there tends to be a number of reasons why you may need temporary options.

When might you need unfixed temp fencing?


  • Where there needs to be designated areas
  • Where you may need to form an orderly que
  • Where there are areas that are off-limits to the public
  • Where you need to control crowds or the flow of people
  • Where you may need to secure the venue (often for ticketed or paid events)
  • Where you need to secure an area for an extended period of time (often for weekend events that may store equipment overnight, such as fairground rides)

Temporary Fencing for Construction sites

  • Where there may be heavy machinery in operation
  • Where you need to designate areas for specific tasks
  • Where you need to create pathways for workers or vehicles
  • Where there are areas where safety may be of concern
  • Where you need to direct officials/members of the public around safely
  • Where you want to keep a site secure from theft or vandalism
  • Where you want to define a site and keep the public or trespassers out for an extended period of time

When it comes to fencing for construction purposes, especially for long-term security solutions, the peace of mind that comes with liability cover can be more appealing. There will often be insurance included in your hire policy (for a little extra expense) that will cover you if fencing gets stolen or damaged, so that repairs or replacements can be made without a one-off lump sum attached.

Finding the right fencing hire company

If you are in Australia and are hoping to hire fencing, construction and event fencing hire companies such as ReadyFence should be able to help. A quick online search can bring up local providers (as well as national ones), so you’re likely to be spoilt for choice. Be sure to compare prices and the terms of your ideal contract (i.e. check whether or not insurance is included) to ensure that you get the most worthwhile deal.

Latest Update for Covid-19 – Crowd Control & Temp Fencing for Construction Sites

Whether you want to keep people away from an area during lockdown, or cordon off a construction site; crowd control barriers are often the ideal solution. Not only can they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, but individuals can even hire temporary barricades – which makes them an excellent investment for those who know that they won’t need the fencing for long.

It can be important to ensure that you not only understand which type of barricade will be best suited to your needs, but also to hire them from a trusted company such as ReadyFence


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