The Canggu Club is committed to our community and environment in Bali.

On a local level our activities include support to orphanages, disadvantaged children and ongoing education of our staff on Clean and Green policies.

Reducing waste is a particular concern in Bali. Every little step is important, but they can all add up quickly. Canggu Club has taken steps to reduce paper usage, recycle paper and plastic, use grey water for gardening, separate and recycle trash and use alternative bags rather than plastic. We encourage staff, members and guests to use their own water bottle for refilling due to environmental concerns and offer complimentary drinking water to refill.

The Canggu Clubs places high emphasis on helping those less fortunate to give something worthwhile back to the community.

‘From little things, big things grow’

Below are more details of Canggu Club additional initiatives and supported charities;

The Cubby House Kids Club VIP Program supports less fortunate children of Bali. Each month a group of children are invited to Cubby House located at Canggu Club for playtime including a meal and a VIP TShirt. Return Transport to the place of residence is provided. To date we have hosted Jodi O’Shea, YKPA, Anugrah Boys & Girls Orphanges, William Booth Boys Home, Elisama Orphanage, Hope Children Home Bali, Yayasan Tawam Asi, Tunas Bangsa, Panti Asuhan Orphanages.

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Reducing waste is a particular concern in Bali. Every little step is important, but they can add up quickly. We ensure each of our businesses take steps to reduce paper usage, recycle paper, plastic and glass, have a compost system, use grey water for gardening and use alternative bags rather than plastic. We provide ongoing education to our staff on Clean and Green policies and using alternative bags rather than plastic.

Our Club sells re-usable shopping bags produced by Canggu Club for The Bali Go Green and Tas Pasar Organization. Canggu Club will not be receiving any profit from the sale of the bags. The sale of the bags contributes to a plastic-free Bali, towards building awareness and raising money to having the campaign continually aired. Price per bag is Rp. 20,000 nett

Via fundraising at Canggu Classic Tennis Tournament the club has donated IDR 82,150,000 (USD 6,000) towards the airing of the Bali Go Green campaign.

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The Canggu Club is committed to on going support for the Yayasan Solemen Indonesia a non-profit Foundation primarily focusing their efforts on helping the disadvantaged in Bali, Indonesia.

On Tuesday November 4th, 2014 Canggu Club hosted a Melbourne Cup event, to support Solemen Indonesia and those that Solemen help. With an amazing turnout the event raised a total of Rp.198,584,700

An additional Rp. 93,200,000 was raised or donated by Canggu Club throughout 2014.

On Tuesday November 3, 2015 Canggu Club hosted their annual Melbourne Cup event in support of Solemen. A total of Rp 118,903,559 was raised throughout the day through raffle tickets, live auction, sweeps and teddy bear sales.

On Wednesday November 2, 2016 Canggu Club hosted a Melbourne Cup event, to support Solemen Indonesia and those that Solemen help. With an amazing turnout the event raised a total of Rp.288,255,000

Canggu Club are thankful for Solemen letting us be part of such an amazing team.

Robert Epstone – Founder of the Solemen Indonesia
WOW CANGGU CLUB Team what an overwhelming SUCCESS. We are so happy, incredibly proud, humbled and honoured to have you and your amazing team at the club as such incredible sponsors of Solemen. I am totally in awe of you and your Team’s energy, efficiency and professionalism. In deepest gratitude and indeed without question we too look forward to our next fundraiser together.

Sarah Chapman – Solemen Indonesia
I have just woken to this email and am in tears …..thank you all so much for arranging such an amazing day and for your incredible support of Solemen. On a personal note , I am living a dream heading the Outreach team as is what I had wanted to do for many years ….thank you for supporting my dream and hope we continue to change many more lives for the better! I am happiest in the slums where kids come to me , tug on my hand or tshirt for a hug or a plaster with a smiley face drawn on it. I walk round with kids holding my hand or tshirt hoping nobody is sick but normally there is ….people suffer in silence , hidden away and is an honour that they trust enough now to tell us! So many tales but an honour to be part of the team.

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The Bali Pink Ribbon Foundation is a non-government funded charitable organization promoting awareness, providing information and education and raising funds to support Balinese and Indonesian women. Their vision is to prevent Indonesian women from developing and suffering from breast cancer and to improve the quality of life of those who have the disease.
The Canggu Club was proud to sell the Pink Bracelets made my the women who have breast cancer and in creating a promotional drink item ‘Pink Ribbon Cocktail’ during the month of October with all proceeds going to the foundation.

Twenty eight team members from The Canggu Club attended the Bali Pink Ribbon Walk, Nusa Dua 25th October 2014 to show support with their families.

The Canggu Club is pleased to participate in The Bali Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation to help in raising Breast Cancer Awareness in Bali.

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The Friends of Canggu Community School’s main objectives are, to raise money for equipment used by the Primary School, coordinate the allocation of funds with the school’s Gotong Royong program and to continue to support worthy charities. The Canggu Club actively supports the Friends of Canggu Community School by offering the facility complimentary plus a percentage of food and beverage sales.

In 2015, the FoCCS Halloween Party was hugely successful raising IDR 117,578,982.
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The Canggu Club has opened its heart to the Jodi O’Shea Orphanage. Jodi O’Shea’s home for children is based in Denpasar and run by long term resident Alison and her husband.
The home currently houses over 85 children. The children come from various backgrounds and life situations. The home is a loving and secure environment in which the kids are nurtured.

During the Christmas season the Canggu Club has been raising money towards the Jodi O’Shea Orphanage. With the intent to buy a commercial oven and industrial washing machine.

On 30th November 2014 the children from Jodi O’Shea came to the club to place their wishes on the tree.

On 25th December 2014, Christmas Day the children from Jodi O’Shea joined us at the Canggu Club and Splash Water Park for Christmas lunch and to receive their wishes from Santa.

In total RP 25,585,200 RP was raised towards purchasing the commercial oven and industrial washing machine for the home.

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In response to the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25, 2015, the Canggu Club held a fundraiser with all proceeds going to Red Cross, Unicef and Bye Bye Plastics Bags. The fundraiser was held on Thursday 7 May and raised a total of Rp45 million. Rp 15 million of the total monies raised was given to Bye Bye Plastic Bags who sent a few of their own team members to Nepal to work directly with a village. The Bye Bye Plastic Bags team delivered food, medical supplies and more.

For more information on Bye Bye Plastic Bags please visit

The Bali Children’s Foundation aims to provide an educational pathway for disadvantaged Balinese children.

During our 2015 Canggu Classic Tennis Tournament, Canggu Club hosted a group of children from the foundation. The children enjoyed a Tennis Clinic with international coach, Paul McCabe as well as a few hours of bouncing fun at Bounce Trampoline Centre. It was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!

“Thank you so much for spending the time with the students from Bali Children Foundation. They thoroughly enjoyed their morning of tennis practice and the bouncing on the trampolines. For children coming from the very poor and disadvantaged areas of Bali, it is wonderful that you can give them this opportunity. I am sure they will remember this day for many years to come” Robin Dougherty, Bali Children Foundation

For more information about Bali Children Foundation please visit

Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA)
BAWA is a non-profit organisation based in Bali, working to save, protect and improve the lives of all animals. BAWA provides an emergency response and rescue service as well as food, medication, rehabilitation and adoption. BAWA also run intensive eduction and advocacy programs.

On 29 May 2015 Canggu Club teamed up with BAWA and international make up artist, Debbie Jean to host two make up workshops . Additionally, Body Temple Spa hosted a Kids Spa and an adoption afternoon on the Sports Field. The day proved to be a success with the adoption of 2 puppies and a total of Rp5,110,462 raised.

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